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Arabic alphabet
Arabic Braille
Syriac alphabet (Garshuni) 
Hebrew alphabet (Judeo-Arabic languages) 
Greek alphabet (Cypriot Maronite Arabic) 
Latin script (Maltese) and (Lebanese Arabic)

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الاعتماد شهادة الأيزو 9001- 2015″ و تقدير شركة “أنش”

الإدارة شركة تدار بالكامل بواسطة العنصر النسائي.

– الخبرة– خبرة كبيرة تمتد إلى 19 عاماً في مجال الإعلام ، وثمانية أعوام في التجارة الدولية و 10 سنوات في مجال الترجمة.

Native speakers

290 million (2010)

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Arabic can be traced back to iron age when it was first spoken in north western Arabia. Today, it is the most common spoken language of the Arab world. In fact, it is a liturgical language of more than one billion Muslims of the world. It is also included in the United Nation’s six official languages. Arabic is considered as a single language when it comes to standard form and dialects. With 422 million Arabic speakers, the language holds the position in the six most spoken languages of the world. The modern written language, derived from Quran, is taught in schools and universities. It is written with Arabic Alphabet, an abjad script and is written from right to left. Arabic has loanwords from Greek and Persian as well as from English and French.