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Shan Translation Pte. Ltd. is a company formed in Singapore. Shan provides translation and transcription services to clients from USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. Shan specializes in handling all sorts of documents for translation while maintaining the quality and confidentiality. On requirement we have been providing attestation/ certificate of the translated documents. Agencies and businesses wishing the translation services of regular, rare and difficult language combinations can now take benefit of the offers at Shan and 


all our distributors. Having translated documents for many agencies (private and government), Shan can now offer over more than 1800 language pairs (and still growing). At Shan we handle translation for many large companies all over the world, Embassies and consulates and their contracted agencies. Additionally we also handle critical and highly confidential documents for strategic government agencies.

Unique Selling Points:
*We specialize in offering translation services to Embassies, Consulates and Foreign Affairs Ministries

Languages in demand:


*Benefits from the translation expertise gained over a decade of providing services
*1700 language pairs offered from single source
*Mostly native translators from every corner of the world, who understand local names and addresses
*Fair to all because the rates are fixed and the lowest (for most offers)

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Send the test translation along with your CV at translation@shansingapore.com and give your expected price per word. Please do not forget to mention if you have any IMs (e.g. Skype, face book, yahoo or hotmail messenger ids).
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