A transcription service is conversion of speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document in a format which is suitable for printing. Shan Singapore provides Transcription services to clients from all over the world. Our transcribers are experienced and possess in-depth knowledge and expertise of understanding various accents of languages. Quality and accuracy is checked at every stage of transcription. We work with the goal of providing 100% accuracy ratio.

Transcription services are used in business where there is a recording done like conferences, seminars which needs to be converted into text forms. Movies are also transcribed to allow for further translation, subtitling or voice over etc. We deal in all domains and industries (general, legal, medical and technical, entertainment). To guarantee a high accuracy for all transcripts, we hire our resource pool from all variety of industry backgrounds. They possess exceptional linguist’s skills and have an eye to detailing. They work on the files dedicatedly and proofread before submitting the files.


We also take care of the confidentiality of the files; all your projects are safe with us. Shan Singapore’s team of native transcribers works efficiently and provides the transcriptions in the necessary file formats depending upon the end use of the file.