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Devanagari (main)
Latin, Assamese (also in use)
Deodhai (historically)

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बुहुमनि जायखि जाया जागायाव थानाय रावसोलायगिरिफोरनि गेजेरजों मावफुंनायनि फालांगि खालामो।

जों नांगौबादि फिथाय मोननो थाखाय रावसोलायगिरिनि जर’खा रोंगौथि,आंगोथि आरो गुबैथिनि सोमोन्दै बिजिरनानै नायो।

जों जोंनि मावनाय हाबाखौ गुबुन रावसोलायनाय कम्पानीनोल’ होयो।

Native speakers

3.3 million (2015 census)

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Bodo is one of the popular languages of Northeast India. It is pronounced as Bo-Ro. It is one of the official languages of Assam and is among the 22 languages recognized by Indian constitution. Although the language is rich and ancient, it did not have any written literature until second decade of the twentieth century. The evolution of this language has been rapid in the last couple of decades and this was because it got recognition from different sides. It has a rich literature that comprises of many poetry, drama, short stories, biographies, novels and many more forms of literature. As far as writing is concerned, Bodo is written in Devanagari script. It was initially written in Assamese script. The spoken language has, however, undergone many changes.