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汉语 / 漢語

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Chinese characters, zhuyin fuhao, Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, braille. Ancient use of ‘Phags-pa’ script.

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1.2 billion cited 1984–2001

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Chinese S

Chinese is the first language of people living in China and is spoken by Han and other ethnic groups of China. The official language of China is Standard Chinese. The script used for writing the language is simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese. However, the relationship of spoken language with the written one is complex. The records of literature can be traced back to 14th to 11th centuries BCE. Spoken Chinese uses tones to distinguish words. Among more than 20,000 characters in Chinese language only 10,000 are in use today. In fact, count of Chinese words and phrases vary a lot. With the growing importance of the economy of China all over the world, Chinese language is gaining popularity as a subject of study in youngsters of western world.