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Administration – Virksomheden består udelukkende af kvinder.

Erfaring – Imponerende 19 år med medier, 8 år med international handel og 10 år med oversættelser.

Ressourcer – En database med 12.000 oversættere og 2.000 transskriptionseksperter.

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5.5 million (2012)

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Danish is a language spoken by more than six million people in the world. The native place of the language is Denmark and due to immigration to urban areas, it has become the home language of around 15 – 20% of Greenland’s population. Today traditional Danish dialects are not seen commonly but regional variants of the standard language are comprehended. The standard language was developed in 16th century but German and Latin still remained the most important written languages till 17th century. More than 2000 of Danish words are derived from Old Norse Language and Proto Indo-European. Many loanwords have been taken from Middle Low German during the late medieval period. From 20th century on wards English language has been the main supplier of loanwords.