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Devanagari, Takri, Perso-Arabic script

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चौबीस घण्टे ठेके ते कम्म करदे रैन्दे हन।

Native speakers

4.0 million (1996 – 2001 census)

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Dogri is one of the Indian languages spoken by people from Jammu and Kashmir region. This language is also spoken in some parts of Northern Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. People who speak Dogri are called Dogras and the region where they exist is called Duggar. It is also a member of the Western Pahari Group of Languages. This language was used by the well-known poet, Amir Khusrau. The language was written using Takri script initially. Today, Devanagari script is being used to write Dogri. The language has its own grammar with a strong Sanskrit base and has its own dictionary as well. The language is being taught in schools and colleges in Jammu and Kashmir, neighbouring areas of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.