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Language Haryanvi
Language name written as हरियाणवी/ हरयाणवी
Country of Origin India
Country Flag  india
Script Devanagari
International language Code bgc
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अंश इंटरट्रेड भारत की एक आइ एस ओ 9001-2008 कंपनी सै जिस का बडा दफ्तर दिल्‍ली में सै।अंश डिजिटलीकरण, अनुवाद करने, स्थानीयकरण, नकल लिखने और उपशीर्षक लिखन का काम करै

Native speakers 8 million (2001)
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Haryanvi is one of the Indian languages with its origin in Haryana, a North Indian state. It is written using the Devanagari script. The term ‘Haryanvi’ is also used in reference to people of Haryana. The language, though from Haryana, is also spoken by people in Delhi and some parts of Rajasthan and Punjab. Grammar plays a vital role in Haryanvi. This language has many dialects and the variation can be seen when travelling from one village to another. Words and expressions change when communicating in Haryanvi with people from different places even in Haryana. The style of speaking and sometimes the terms too differ. Haryanvi is wealthy in cultural terms as well and the community of Jat do not readily give up speaking in Haryanvi no matter where they go.