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Perso-Arabic script(contemporary), Devanagari script(contemporary), Sharada script(ancient/liturgical)

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منیجمنٹ: اکھ سُہ انٹر پرایز یتھ منز صرف زنانے یاژہ کام چھِ کران۔

تجربہ: ذرایع ابلاغس منز پُر اثر 19 وری، بین الاقوامی کارس منز 8 وری تہ ترجمہ کاری کاروبارس منز 10 وری۔

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5.6 million (2001 census)

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Kashmiri is an Indian language spoken mainly in Kashmir valley and Chenab regions of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the 22 official languages of India. Kashmiri literature can be traced back to more than 750 years. Due to the arrival of Islam in the valley, Kashmiri language has thousands of loanwords in it. Yet the language is close to Rigveda Sanskrit. There is a slight difference in the language when spoken by a Hindu and a Muslim. Sharada script, Devanagari script and Perso-Arabic script are used to write Kashmiri language. Use of Roman script is also seen sometimes. Originally the language was written in Sharada script and nowadays Perso-Arabic and Devanagari scripts are used with some modifications.