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Past: Brahmi and Goykanadi.
Present: Devanagari (official), Roman, Kannada and Malayalam.

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आमी फावो तो आवटपूट पुरवण करूंक, विक्रेते /अनुवादकांची विशेशताय, ताचो राबितो आनी ताचें मूळ सोदून काडटात.
आमी फकत हेर अणकार करपी कंपन्यांक आमची सेवा दितात।

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7.4 million (2007)

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Konkani is an Indian language spoken in the south western coast of India. It is included in the list of 22 scheduled languages and is the official language of Goa, an Indian state. The first inscription in Konkani can be dated back to 1187 AD. This language is also spoken in some parts of Karnataka, Maharashtra, northern Kerala, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu. Initially the script used to write Konkani was Brahmi and Goyakanadi. However, today, Konkani is written in Devanagari, Persian, Malayalam, Kannada and Roman scripts. One of the most amazing things about this language is that even if the language is being spoken by a small population, it shows high number of dialects. Lots of Konkani songs have been included in Hindi movies.