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Hangul (primary) Hanja (mixed script) Korean Braille Chesili script (Koryo-mar)

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경영 – 모두 여성으로 구성된 기업입니다.

경험 – 19년동안 미디어 부문에서, 8년동안 국제 무역 부문에서, 그리고 10년동안 번역 부문에서 훌륭히일해오고 있습니다.

자원 – 12000여명의 번역자들을 기초로 하고 있으며2000여명의 전사 전문가들을 가지고 있습니다.

Native speakers

77 million (2008–2012)

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Korean language, the official language of Republic of Korea, is spoken by more than 80 million people worldwide. Korean language is considered a language isolate by most of the historical as well as modern linguists. The language is mostly spoke by people in south Korea and north Korea. However, the language used in both the places differ in pronunciation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. It is also spoken by the Korean diaspora in different countries. However, because of the cultural assimilation into the host countries, the native fluency gets affected. Many small local dialects are attached to the language and all are similar to each other. Initially the language was written in Hangul script, but with time a mixed script, Hanja script is being used to write in Korean language.