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Latin (Malay alphabet)
Arabic script (Jawi alphabet)
Thai alphabet (in Thailand)Historically Pallava alphabet,Kawi alphabet, Rencong alphabet

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may , zlm

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Saya mempunyai sesuatu yang penting untuk memberitahu anda tetapi sekarang saya tidak mempunyai masa yang akan bertemu dengan kamu selepas makan malam malam ini dan akan bercakap.

Native speakers

77 million (2007)

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Malay is one of the official languages in Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It is a major among family of Austronesian language.  It is used in southern Philippines as trading language. Malay is written using Latin script called Rumi and this is official in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. An Arabic script called Jawi also exists. This is used in religious schools and is used along with Rumi for writing the names of institutions and organizations. Although Malay has a history of using many scripts, Latin is the one commonly used for official and informal purposes in Brunei and Malaysia. The language has loanwords from Arabic, Sanskrit, Persian, Dutch, Portuguese, Persian, Chinese and English as well. Malay, just like any Austronesian language, is not a tonal language.