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Менеджмент – в компанииработаюттолькоженщины.

Опыт – впечатляющие 19 летработы в СМИ, 8 лет в международнойторговле и 10 лет в переводческомбизнесе.

Ресурсы – базаданных с 12000 переводчиков и 2000 экспертовпотранскрипции.

Native speakers

150 million (2010)
260 million (L1 plus L2 speakers) (2012)

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Russian language is the official language of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and many minor, unrecognized territories. It is spoken broadly in Ukraine and Latvia, but is not the official language there. The language is one of the widely spoken languages in Eurasia and is eighth most spoken language in the world. Russian language is one of the six official languages chosen by the United nations. The standard language is being used for written and speaking purposes in almost every area of the country. It is written using Cyrillic alphabet which consists of 33 letters. With unavailability of Cyrillic keyboards and many other technical restrictions, Russian is nowadays written using the Latin alphabet. The extension of the Unicode character encoding, the language can be typed easily using the western qwerty keypad.