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Most SCRIPTS come from either the Middle East, South East Asia or from India. The rest of the world languages are normally in the Roman Script.
Shan's presence in all three zones promises good quality translation based on presence and knowledge gained over years.
Most of the scripts are written from left to right except for some, which are written in right to left script lile Urdu, Farsi and Arabic.
To easily handle all such scripts, like Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Kashmiri and Urdu, we have our presence in the UAE.
Our existence in Singapore helps us to cover all such scripts which are primarily Country specific eg. Korea, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and China.
India is like a small world when it comes to languages and scripts. Most languages here have a script which is different and for a single country perhaps too many. Presence in India has made Shan stronger in providing finest and cost effective services in the world of Translation.
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* We specialize in offering translation services to Embassies, Consulates and Foreign Affairs Ministries
* Benefits from the translation expertise gained over a decade of providing services
* 1800 language pairs offered from single source - the largest in the World
* Mostly native translators from every corner of the world, who understand local names and addresses
* Fair to all because the rates are fixed and the lowest (for most offers)
* 30% (self imposed penalty) for non delivery owing to human frailties